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Life coaching and PSYCH-K® for people in search of harmony and transformation

Many people end up feeling like they’re drowning. Becoming overloaded with emotions, life and things they feel they need to do (but don’t necessarily want to do).  Crippled by ‘analysis paralysis’ knowing they want transformation but don’t know where to start.

When life changes around you how easy do you find it to change too? Whether it’s after redundancy, feeling disenchanted with your current life-direction or managing the changing needs of work-life or family commitments. If one part of your life isn’t bringing you satisfaction your whole life can feel out of balance.

As a life coach I can help you figure out how you want your life to look. To support you in creating balance between your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. To help build confidence, motivation and a clear plan so you can move forward to live the life you want.

You deserve to feel excited about your life

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Get excited about life with a practical plan and support to achieve the future you desire

Hi, I’m Nicolette

I’m an Auckland-based life coach. 

I believe that helping you achieve physical, emotional and spiritual harmony is the foundation to creating a future you desire rather than one you feel obliged to participate in.   You truly deserve to discover what you really want from your life and

get excited about that becoming a reality.


about working with a life coach

What is a life coach?

A life coach helps people gain direction and achieve change in their lives so they can live the life they want to be living.

How does life coaching work?

As a life coach, we’ll identify areas you want to see change in. Then we work together to develop strategies to help you achieve these goals. Putting these strategies into action in your life means you’ll feel more confident. We’ll uncover blocks or self-limiting beliefs, and give you some accountability so you have support to achieve your goals.

Who may benefit from seeing a life coach?

I believe everyone can benefit from seeing a life coach. If you’ve change you want to see in your life and are struggling to know where to start. Or you want to stand up and be unashamedly you. Then life coaching can give you direction and a starting point.

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